Recovery Support Services

What are Recovery Support Services?

Recovery support services available through the Decatur Township Drug-Free Coalition include the provision of relational supports by volunteers who are willing to walk alongside clients seeking recovery from addictions as they navigate a plethora of treatment resources and barriers. Recovery support services help people enter into and navigate systems of care, remove barriers to recovery, stay engaged in the recovery process, and live full lives in communities of their choice. Our recovery support services are NOT clinical treatment, but may be provided before, during, or after clinical treatment or may be provided to individuals who are not in treatment but seek support services. Clients have the choice to terminate recovery support services at any time.


As a coalition, we believe that anyone can recover and/or manage their conditions successfully when they are ready. We also believe that addictions affect the entire family, and we know that recovery outcomes are much higher when we support the entire family unit through the process. If you are a family member of a loved one with addictions, we can link you to helpful information designed specifically to support family members.

Please reach out to us if you are ready to take that step toward hope!