How We Help


The Coalition believes it is important to reach kids as early as possible with age-appropriate drug prevention messaging so they can form the social skills necessary to abstain from drug use. We also want to increase community awareness of drug use and resources available to prevent it.


The Coalition has an incredibly gifted volunteer group of Recovery Coaches who work with community members that are seeking help with battling drug addiction. Our recovery focus group uses the power of authentic relationships to walk people through the process of recovery and connect them to the resources necessary to beat drug addiction.

CLICK HERE for more information about our Recovery Support Services.


Our Coalition has a public safety focus group that gathers public safety data to direct law enforcement efforts by local police agencies. This group utilizes all facets of public safety to brainstorm ways to make people to feel safe in the community.


Love for the people of our community is the sole reason we exist. Our Coalition desires to be an integral part of the community by attending events and making others aware of the work we are doing. We want to send volunteers to any local event that aligns with our mission of preventing and reducing drug use in Decatur Township.