Book Educational Trailer


To Initiate

To request the Decatur Township Drug Free Coalition “What You Don’t See” Trailer and to reserve your date please click on the reserve form below. This presentation is for ADULTS ONLY due to the nature of the material discussed. The message behind this trailer “What You Don’t See is an interactive display designed to help parents of kids recognize unfamiliar hazards that are often right in plain sight. 

By walking through this trailer that is a makeshift youth bedroom, parents/caregivers/adults learn to identify objects that could provide critical insights about risky behavior. Given information shared in this presentation we want to share the signs and signals that a young person could be involved in risky, harmful or even illegal activity.

There is a booking fee to reserve the trailer upon completion of a signed contract for event/presentation.

To Prepare

Our Decatur Township Drug Free Coalition staff will need space outside to park the trailer for a few hours. 

On The Day Of Event/Presentation

On the day of the event/presentation, Decatur Township Drug Free Coalition staff will need access to the location 1 hour prior to event/presentation which allows us time to unload and set-up the trailer for event/presentation. Adults who go through the trailer presentation will also be given the opportunity to take a pre/post-test survey.